Horror Writer’s Workshop

Are you a horror writer? Do you want to take your stories to the next level?

Join us!

You’ll learn:

  • How to hook readers with a compelling beginning
  • Creating the right atmosphere and tone for your story
  • Finding unique twists on old ideas
  • The most common mistakes I see in short stories and screenplays
  • What will result in an automatic rejection of your story
  • Creating tension
  • Pacing to maximize frights and keep the reader engaged
  • How to craft a happy, horror ending….and not-so-happy endings
  • New avenues for storytelling & how to build your platform

Each student will have access to:

  • Live and recorded discussions and lectures
  • Critiques from fellow students and the instructor (ahem…that’s me)
  • Exclusive writing prompts and exercises designed to destroy your fear of the blank page
  • A one-on-one Q&A session with the instructor

Our first workshop will launch on February 22, 2019 and will be offered at a reduced rate of $69 (go ahead, let you inner 12-year-old have a laugh!). Each workshop session will have 10 weeks of total instruction and workshopping.

Note: The price of the workshop will go up for the next session in June 2019 to $99, so sign up ASAP to lock in this introductory rate.

How to Sign Up

  1. Go to this form to sign up.
  2. Once I receive your sign up and writing sample, I’ll send you an invoice for the workshop amount.
  3. Pay the invoice and you’re all set!

Want to help a writer in need?

If you want to provide a scholarship for a writer, go to PayPal and submit a $69 payment. Please note that you do not wish to take the class, but are instead providing a scholarship. I will advertise your scholarship online and select an applicant based on any criteria you specify (within reason–I can’t find someone with polka-dot colored hair, for instance). For example, if you would like to fund a queer writer, just make a note of such and I’ll ensure that a queer writer will be able to attend the workshop thanks to your generosity.